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Now is the time to keep a look out for all the amazing events going on across the island as the colder months begin. Below you will find some great insight into what you could look for, but make sure to visit for more information and where you could buy your tickets.

Arts and Culture

If you enjoy listening to opera, indulging in theatre and even joining super fun dance classes then you’re in for a treat these coming months in Malta! This November there will be a variety of different shows coming to the Island, including some stand up comedy, a show my the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and even an opportunity to attend a number of dance classes like Tango and Waltz.

However, one of the most exciting events this month is the return of Cirque Du Soleil, as they bring back another spectacular must-see show. It starts at the end of November all the way through December so if this is right up your alley, make sure you get ahead before it’s sold out. If you’ll be staying with us after November has passed you will also have the chance to watch a beautiful rendition of ‘The Nutcracker”, another amazing show to watch with the whole family.

If you’re not interested in any of this but prefer to stay home with a fine glass of wine, not to worry, at the end of November, a wine tasting masterclass could also be on your to-do list during your stay in the country, hosted by experts that will make sure you’re sipping on some good grape.


Music Events

The country is known to never disappoint in the realm of music and party. Both local and foreign talented artists perform a these events so keep an eye out maybe you’ll find someone you know and love. The genres vary widely; from stand-up parties with insane house music to sit-down events with mellow and gentle tenor voices, take a look at whats happening up until the end of 2022 to save your seat and make your holiday ten times better.

One event which I highly recommend is the Beland Music Festival, amongst very talented artists you’ll be able to listen to some local talented artists like Ira Losco and The Travellers who have written and performed some great tunes and is something you must not miss out on!



If you’re into gaming more than anything else then you might be interested in Playcon; Malta’s largest Game Development and Esports Expo. This event allows you to join discussions on the industry and future video games, a great opportunity to indulge in what you love the most. So make sure to check out the dates of the conferences if you’re interested.



Visit our other blog…-winter-escapade/ to read more details on how winter is in Malta. Apart from the traditional Valletta Christmas experience, other events are happening which you might be interested in going to. During the  first week of December at the Splash and Fun water park, a family oriented Christmas event will be held which you and the rest of the family will surely enjoy.

Hope you find what suites your fancy during your stay with us, we wish you a lovely winter to come!